Basics of Auction

Auction is the process of selling goods to the most offering customer who participates in the auction process and places highest bid. In online auction, bids are nothing but minimum incremental amount that can be added with the current price of the product. The user has to participate in the option(auction) before the count down timer reaches zero.

Unieauction is an auction software that builds an online bidding site which comes with complete features to run the auction successfully on the site. The simple explanation of how it works has been explained below with images taken from live site.


1. Product Name: The name of the product appears just above the photo of the product

2. Product Photo: The photo of the product appears which is useful for the auctioneers

3. Bid Me: The auctioneers can participate here for bidding

4. Countdown Time: The ticking time appears below the image showing the time left for the
auction to complete

5. Current Price: The current price appears below the image that is offered for auction

6. Highest Bidder: The name of the highest bidder appears below the image which can be useful
for other bidders.

7. Watch List: Auctioneers can use the watch list option to monitor their favorite auction product to
know how the bidding is proceeding

8. Social Media Share: Site users can recommend the product on social media like Facebook,
Google plus or twitter

Inner page display when Clicked on Product (Selected)


Auction Pricing

The auction starts with a minimum current price that is a discounted price from the retail price of the product. The auctioneers can place bid using minimum increment amount to participate in the bid. The highest bidder within the stipulated time will be the winner to own the product. The bidders who have lost or other site visitors can buy the same product at the retail price directly by using the Buy Now option.

Inner Page Details


Auction Product Details

The detail page of each auction product contains information about the description of the product. The starting price of the product will appear along with the starting and ending date & time of particular auction product between which auction is active. Each auction comes with unique Id number which is displayed along with details about type of auction. The shipping details such as shipping fee and other related information appears in the product description page.

Beginner Auction

A new account joiner who registers with the site enjoys the benefit of beginner auction. They can bid low with minimum account balance. This beginner option is available for 30 days only from the day of registration. If the new user wins an auction within the 30 days or completes the 30 days duration then he/she becomes an old user and will be treated like other auctioneers.

Secured platform to conduct online auction

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