1. What is Auction script?

Auction script provides an online auction site to conduct auction easily with a robust admin panel to manage the activities.

2. What is auction?

Auction allows the users to place bids over the products to buy them at low prices

3. How can I benefit from Auction Script?

You can start your online bidding business instantly with total control over the process

4. How can I participate in bidding?

You can participate in bidding by registering with the site.

5. Who is eligible for participating in Auction?

The minimum age for participating in Auction is 18 years old. You should be registered with the site for participating in online bidding.

6. I am trying to register for auction, but it is denied. Why?

The registration for the auction will be open only till the closing date for the particular auction. Kindly contact the customer service for other issues.

7. I forgot my password, how do I log in again?

In the login tab there is option for 'forgot my password'. Fill in your security question or choose to receive your password to your email id.

8. How can I participate in the bid?

You can participate by placing the bid on the site

9. Is there any limit on number of bids placed?

No. You can place as many bids as you like within the ticking time

10. How can I manage the balance in account?

You can buy the amount packages such as Silver, Gold, and Platinum to manage your account balance. Administrator will define the balance in the account.

11. Can I use ATM debit card for the deposit?

It is highly recommended that you use a credit card. Debit card is not recognized for doing the money transaction for online bidding. Most of the Paypal transaction is recognized for money transaction.

12. What types of bidding is available with the script?

There are four types of auction available with the script names beginner auction, penny auction, peak auction, and BuyNow option.

13. What is Beginner auction?

In this type of auction, the new account joiner can enjoy the benefit of participating in the auction with low balance in account and place low bids.

14. How long is the beginner auction valid?

Beginner auction is valid only for 30 days from the date of joining. Also, if the new joiner wins any auction within 30 days from registration, he/she will be considered as old user with rules applicable to any other auctioneer.

15. What is Penny auction?

Penny auction is the normal auction that allows the uses to place bid on the product using their amount in their account. The last bidder who places the bid when the timer goes zero, and there is no other bidder, wins the auction.

16. What is the minimum bid I can place? What is bid increment amount?

Bid increment amount is the minimum bid amount that you can add to the product price or place as bid. This minimum bid increment amount can be fixed only by the Administrator for each product which may vary for each product.

17. Why does the countdown timer length vary for some auction?

The countdown time is fixed by the administrator for each product, so it differs between products.

18. What is Peak auction?

The peak auction takes place only between the fixed start time and end time that can be set only by the administrator. The bid closes sharply by the close time and resumes again on the start time next day.

19. What is “Buy Now”?

The “Buy Now” option is for buying the product directly at its product pricing. This is like shopping cart option where you can buy the product at the selling price.

20. Is there any warranty for the Goods that I bid?

No. There is no guarantee for the goods sold in the auction.

21. What are the Server requirements for installing Auction script?

1. PHP 5.2.3 and above

2. Mysql 5.0 and above

3. Upload_max_filesize = 1M

4. Safe_mode = Off

5. PHP GD Library: Read/Write Support

6. Mod Rewrite Enable

7. Allow_url_fopen = On

8. File_uploads = On


We recommend the parallel Plesk for hosting Auction script.

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