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Unieauction renders attractive FREE themes which are creative yet simple thus making the auction website more functional. We also provide customized theme design along with the penny auction script, in a way that it suits your business. A site with good aesthetics is any day important, as it is the element that creates first impression among your visitors.

Why Choose Unieauction?

Unieauction presents the most reliable auction software that guides your auction business towards new heights.It provides multiple options to convert the business on the site. The penny auction site flexibly acts as an ecommerce site such that users get the opportunity to buy their favorite products instead of participating personally in the auction.

Unieauction comes with 100% source code which enables customization of the auction software as per the users' needs. The site comes with SEO friendly URL to increase the inflow of site traffic leading to escalating sales.


Classic Design

The appearance of the site needs to be catchy to the customers of the site. So, the penny auction script should come along with appealing design features. Plenty of themes are available with Unieauction which are free. You can select the best theme to enhance the outlook of your auction site. The interactive features within the site such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ keeps the site live.

Multiple Bidding types

The site provides multiple types of auction namely beginners auction, penny auction, peak auction, and buy-now option. The merchants can utilize the best option to add value to the auction while the users can enjoy the best buying.

Fully Customizable

The auction script can be customized based on the choice of the customer to retain the visitors on the site. The complete design can be developed with inclusion of user-defined elements and functionality.

Buy Sell Option

BuySell option of Unieauction allows the user to both buy and sell auction products using a single login. Apart from regular buying, user can sell products with admin approval. Admin gets a fixed commission upon sale of product. Payment is done via split payment (Only PayPal) where admin gets his commission directly & the user gets his sale amount credited to his account.


Your Advantages

  • Attractive Pricing

    Unieauction is the most affordable penny auction software that allows conducting all the four types of auction. Pricing is open and there is no hidden cost or transaction fee while it assures quality.

  • Supportive Features

    Unieauction script has user-friendly admin panel to manage the site. Blogs can be posted on site along with best SMTP settings to forward newsletter mails. Social media has been shared.

  • 100% Source Code

    Enjoy the benefits of accessing the complete source code such that you can customize the auction software as per your need. Save on your investment with cost effective open source development.

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